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Evisumservice B.V.("the Agency") will endeavor to ensure the accuracy of the information on the website, however, does not guarantee the full accuracy. The Agency may provide modifications on the website Chinesevisaapplication.com.au regarding the material needed for the visa application, services or prices at any time without notice. The material on this site may not be updated and the Agency undertakes no commitment to update it. The material on this site is provided "as is" without any warranties or other terms and conditions. Accordingly, to the maximum extent permitted by law, the Agency provides the official website users by exempting from any representations, warranties, conditions and other terms including, but not limited to those implied provided by law that may, but not in this statement Disclaimer, have legal effect in relation to the website.

Terms and Conditions


I) The Agency manages the visa application according to the criteria established by the Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China.

II) "Customer" means the / the applicant or / the delegate / a, which presents the application for a visa to enter the territory of the Republic of China. The applicant may be a natural person, a travel agent or consular agency practices.

III) "Customer Data" means data and information that the customer provides the Agency as multimedia, electronic or other forms they deem necessary to ensure that the Agency may provide the necessary services.

IV) "Personal Information" means any information provided by the applicant, contained in the documents of the visa application, which include, but are not limited to: name, sex, date of birth, place of birth, marital status, citizenship, passport data, telephone number, information relating to the health and criminal records, address, place of work, information on family members, video recordings, telephone records, e-mails and other personal data.

V) "Website" means the website Chinesevisaapplication.com.au that provides online services such as customer communications, the form of the visa application, and controls the state of the visa application, or communicates with the Agency for exchange of information.

VI) "Basic services" means services visa application that the agency provides to the Customer.

VII) "Additional Services" means the services provided by the Agency, other than basic services for the benefit of the customer.

VIII) "Cost of visa" means the expenses due to the Ministry of Public Security in China Visa Direct on their behalf. The amount of these expenses is established by the Ministry of Public Security.

IX) "Cost of Service" means the costs due to the Agency for the provision of basic services. Charges for additional services are not included in Service Fees.

Basic services offered the Agency

Basic Services consist in:

I) welcoming customers and classify documents for visa application in accordance with the rules established by the Ministry of Public Security.

II) Collecting visa expenses as determined by the Ministry of Public Security, and delivery of the visa to the Client for the Ministry of Public Security.

III) Publishing and communicating timely information pertaining to the regulation of the visa, according to the rules established by the Ministry of Public Security, through the website, information desk, phone, fax or email.

Services Use visa application

I) The Customer declares to be aware of the fact that the Agency is not in any way involved in the evaluation process the visa and its assent or dissent release. The Ministry of Public Security only have authority in decision matching visa requirements, as well as regarding the type or validity period of the visa, length of stay in the Republic of China, the number of entries released, according to the laws and regulations Chinese. The customer is required to pay service charges to the Agency independently both in case of the agreement or disagreement of the issuance of a visa by the Ministry of Public Security. The service charges are not refundable.

II) For any information, the customer can both visit the website of China Visa Direct and request information by phone. The Customer declares to be aware of the fact that China Visa Direct is not a government organization, the information service offered is free and that the information released to assist the customer in the process of visa application, are limited to the information provided by the same Customer and its unilateral understanding of these. Under no circumstances the information released must be interpreted as promises or guarantees by the Agency, which cannot be under any circumstance held legally responsible for the answers given to the customer.

III) For the purpose of the visa application, the customer is required to submit to the Agency all the necessary data to ensure that the information provided is accurate, reliable and complete. The Customer declares to know and accept the fact that the acceptance by China Visa Direct Data Clients, does not imply that these are necessarily considered sufficient. The Ministry of Public Security has, in fact, the right to ask the Customer to provide additional documentation.

IV) The Customer must carefully check all the information on the e-mails, and make sure there are no errors.

V) When collecting the visa, the customer is required to check all the information on the visa issued. In the event that the visa contained errors, the customer must immediately inform the Agency, which will provide required modifications to the visa or issue a new one.

The Customer declares to be aware that if the error is due to the Customer, updating the visa or issuance of a new one may result in additional charges.

VI) To ensure the quality and safety of the service, the Agency has systems for monitoring and recording phone conversations. Customer represents, therefore, to be aware of and accept the fact that the conduct of the office of China Visa Direct, as well as phone calls occurred between the customer and the Centre, can be recorded and stored.

Cancellation and refund request

I) Requests for Visa forwarded regularly, cannot be undone.

II) The costs of the service  and the cost of visas are not refundable.

III) In the event of a refusal of visa request by the Ministry of Public Security (PRC), the Agency shall refund the costs of the service and the cost of visas, via online payment over customer's credit card.

IV) The rates of visa application cannot be resold or transferred to another applicant.

V) The rate of visa application is used solely for each single request. In case of visa refusal, to re-submit the application it will be needed to submit request and pay a new fee.

Use and Protection of Personal Information

I) The customer agrees that the personal information transmitted from China Visa Direct via the Internet, in person or through a delegate, can be collected, transmitted, stored, processed and used by the Centre in agreement with those rules reported in these Terms.

II) To process the visa request of the customer, the agency must collect personal information from the customer's request documents delivered and enter the data into its computer system.

III) The Agency may collect personal information of the customer by phone, e-mail, and fax, required documents (passport and photo included), through its online system or other means.

IV) The Customer declares its consent knowing that his personal information will be delivered to the Ministry of Public Security through reserved channels and can be transmitted or stored in countries other than that of his residence, for example in the Republic of China.

V) The Customer declares its consent knowing that his personal information, including video recordings, telephone records, electronic information, etc., may be retained by the Centre and used whenever needed (for example, if required by the government department local authority or in case of internal control services etc).

VI) The Customer declares its consent and to know that all the information provided by the customer on paper will be transferred and stored at the Ministry of Public Security. The Agency adopts physical and electronic measures designed to protect the information of the customer, as well as appropriate administrative measures in order to avoid the loss of customer information, and unauthorized use of the same. The Centre ensures the proper use of all the information.

VII) The Agency collects, transfers, stores, processes and uses all the data of the customer in accordance with local, so that they can be fulfilled services and the legal obligations of the Centre, including, but not limited to, the demand of the Chinese visa.VIII) The Agency shall take all appropriate measures for the protection of personal data and the documentation of the applicant, strictly in accordance with the laws of the country in which it is situated. It is not responsible for situations not attributable to human responsibility as natural disasters and accidents, theft etc, during transit of the visa from Agency to the Ministry of Public Security.


I) The customer must submit the visa application at appropriate times and according to his travel schedule. Under In any circumstance, the Agency can be held responsible for delays in travel plans due to the submission of the request for a visa delayed or due to further evaluation by the Ministry of Public Security.

II) Within the extent permitted by law, the Agency disclaims any conditions and warranties, express or implied, for the service of requesting visa application not listed in these Terms and Conditions. Where the law does not provide for such an exclusion of liability and implies certain terms, conditions and warranties between the terms ("Terms Implicit"), the responsibility of the Agency for the infringement of this Terms Implicit is limited to one or more of the following options, at the discretion of the Agency:

a) new service delivery of Chinese visa application;

b) expenses for the new service delivery of Chinese visa application;

c) costs for the service charged to the customer due to the department or government institution responsible (upon presentation of proof of payment).

III) The Customer acknowledges and accepts the fact that the Agency is not under any circumstances be liable in case of complaints by the customer or provided by third parties about any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages of any kind, or in the case of loss of opportunities, business, credibility, interruption of business, regardless of whether such losses are connected to the service request visas, or are caused by errors, omissions or negligence on the part of managers, operators, employees, and representatives from the Agency.

IV) All terms and conditions mentioned above are subject to the laws of the country in which the Agency has its headquarters. Any dispute relating to the visa that happens, it will be submitted to the judgment of the court of the country in which the Agency has its headquarters.

Other Terms and Conditions

I) The Agency may, without notice, modify, cancel or withdraw part or all of the Terms and Conditions. In the event that the customer does not accept the changes made to the Terms and Conditions, may refuse the services of the Agency.

II) The Customer hereby agrees and confirms that have read, understood and agree to all items contained in this Terms and Conditions.


Cookie policy

China Visa Direct uses so-called browser cookie (hereinafter "cookies") to facilitate the use of this Web Site and other Web sites and applications ("the Website") to get directions to improve the information and services accessible through the Web Site. The objective of this Cookie Policy is to provide information on how cookies are used on the Web Site.

Operation Cookie

Cookies are small text files stored by your browser in a folder on your computer for the purpose of enhancing the web experience. Cookies allow for example to option to save typed text on form fields on a Website so you do not have to type it again in a subsequent visit or when switching from one function to another within the Site.

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Data protection

Data protection

The protection of the privacy of customers is for China Visa Direct ("the Agency") a matter of high priority. The following explains the principles according to which the Agency collects and processes personal information (information that allows you to determine your identity or that make for us ascertainable) through this Web site and other Web sites and applications ("the Website") managed by the Agency.

Collection of personal data

You can visit the website and get information about our offerings without having to provide any personal information. The Agency may a sk you to provide personal data only when necessary in order to provide services and to process transactions that you want to run with the Agency or with our partners. Your personal data are collected and processed with care, only for the purposes described in this privacy of personal data and only to the extent necessary. Your personal information is retained only to the extent and within the time needed to provide our services, or if required to preserve them for the law. We also collect data to analyze in general the use of the Web Site, to get directions to improve our offer and adapt our marketing initiatives to emerging requirements of the customers. These data are collected and processed through the use of cookies. For information about cookies and your choice in this regard, see the information on the use of cookies.

Data Processing for the supply of performance

In order to provide our services and perform transactions we need personal information about your person and identity, in particular name, surname, date of birth, telephone number and e-mail. For regulatory issues we are also required to provide certain personal information and data to the Swiss authorities and foreign authorities for the purposes intended by safety regulations and the provisions related to entering a foreign country. Any kind of transactions carried out by you through the website with any of our partners, must be intended as a direct contract between you and the said service provider. The service provider is authorized to process your personal data in order to complete the transaction or possibly to provide services directly to it required. In this case apply the principles related to processing personal data by the said service provider. For questions about it, please refer directly to the business partner concerned.


We protect your personal information through appropriate security measures and by using secure servers. The Web Site is protected against loss, destruction and manipulation of data as well as against unauthorized access, modifications or dissemination by unauthorized persons through appropriate technical and organizational measures. All sensitive data are transmitted over the Internet in an encrypted form (SSL).


We reserve the right to modify at any time the present information on the processing of personal data. The changes are valid from the date of their publication on this Web Site.

Contact for the treatment of personal data

For questions about this on the processing of personal data or the data protection measures taken by the Agency, please contact: Evisumservice B.V.


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