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Using the form below‚ you can apply for a Chinese visa in under five minutes. Copy the details carefully from your international passport.

The AUD $250 cost per person can be paid with your credit card or PayPal account

Travel information

Please select the reason of your travel to China.<br><br>For tourist‚ sightseeing or family visits you should select the "Group Tourist Visa" option.<br><br> If you are traveling for businesses please note that we can only deliver a visa if you arrive in Shanghai.
Select the number of people travelling on your China trip<br><br>Everyone on this application should arrive in China together
Select the date of arrival in China.<br><br>If you are travelling via Hong Kong or Macau‚ please select the date you arrive in mainland China.
Traveler 1

Enter the traveller’s details below. Copy everything exactly as written in the passport.

Copy the surname of this traveller as written in his or her passport.
Copy all first names as they are written in the individual’s passport. If there are multiple names they should also be listed.
Select the date of birth in the calendar
Select the country of birth in the menu.
Write this traveller’s city of birth as written in his or her passport.
Select the gender of this traveller.
Select this traveller’s country of residence.
Traveler 1 Passport Details

Enter the information below as it appears in this traveller's passport. The passport photo must be a colour photo in passport format (without glasses).

Select the country that issued your passport.
Repeat document number
Contact Information

Enter your contact details below. All visas will be sent to this address.

Write your first name.
Write your last name.
Write your full address.
If required‚ write your apartment or suite number.
Write your postal or zip code.
Write your city of residence.
Select your country of residence in the menu.
Select the state or territory of your residence.
Select the state or territory of your residence.
Write your mobile number‚ including the country code.
Write the email address we can use to follow up on the visa process.
Repeat the e-mail adress for verification.
Complete visa application

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Do you need help filling in any fields? Click on the field‚ and an explanation will appear. If you need further assistance‚ please contact us.
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